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    Trial of third level of nurse prescribing underway

    26 April 2017

    Nearly 70 primary health and family planning nurses from Invercargill to Whangarei are trialling a third level of nurse prescribing. The new limited level of prescribing rights – to be known as registered nurse prescribing in community health – is aimed at nurses currently using standing orders and is a step below the registered nurse prescribing in primary health and specialty teams which got underway in September last year.

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    Safe sleep: ask the uncomfortable questions

    3 December 2015

    Safe Sleep Day is on December 4 to help ensure babies sleep safely this summer. A safe sleeping advisor tells Nursing Review that nurses often have special opportunities to ask the questions that can make a difference to vulnerable families.

  • Kim Carter

    Coming out of your comfort zone

    15 July 2015

    KIM CARTER on why nurses may need to step out of their comfort zone to ensure good care for all clients across the spectrum of sexuality and gender identity.

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    Nurse 'flu jab uptake fluctuates across country

    7 May 2015

    The 'flu vaccination uptake amongst hospital nurses keep steadily increasing but still varies radically across the country.

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    Mask wearing into third 'flu season in Northland DHB

    7 May 2015

    Requiring non-vaccinated nurses to wear masks when caring for patients is into its third 'flu season in Northland and is being widened to cover all clinical areas.

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    Nursing Survey: what DO you do everyday?

    2 October 2014

    Nurses nationwide are invited to take part in a major online survey hoping to pinpoint the real differences between a staff nurse and a specialist nurse’s daily work.

February 2016 Vol 16 (1)

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    Gynaecological cancers: Silent no longer

    More than 1,000 New Zealand women are diagnosed with gynaecological cancers every year and around 400 die of them – the majority from ovarian cancer. Nursing Review seeks to raise awareness of this female-only group of cancers, including why labelling ovarian cancer the ‘silent killer’ is not helpful, what obesity has to do with endometrial cancer, and how a vaccine can save lives. FIONA CASSIE reports.

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    The cancer that screening and vaccine can prevent

    The number of women who die from cervical cancer in New Zealand has dropped dramatically by 60 per cent since 1990. The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, available free to all young women under 20, may in the future see even fewer women lost to this most preventable and most high profile of the gynaecological cancers.

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    We need to talk more about vulvas

    A “very, very distressing” cancer that nobody talks about. This is how Christchurch gynaecological oncologist Bryony Simcock opened her address on vulval cancer to last year’s NZNO Women’s Health section conference.

June 2015 Vol 15 (3)

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    Gynaecological exams - enhancing cultural safety and comfort

    Pelvic examinations involve much more than good speculum technique. Researcher Dr Catherine Cook addressed the recent NZNO Women’s Health Section conference about what Māori women reported made a gynaecology exam into a positive experience they were willing to repeat. FIONA CASSIE reports.

April 2015 Vol 15 (2)

August 2014 Vol 14 (4)

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    A day in the life of a ... cosmetic nurse

    Plastic Surgical Nurse Consultant ANGELA FRAZER trained at Middlemore Hospital before becoming one of the country’s most experienced cosmetic skin care specialist nurses and first botox practitioners. Follow her day of botox, skin consultations, tears, smiles, crow's feet and unfurrowed brows.

September 2013 Vol 13 (6)

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    Career paths: the short, sweet, and roundabout

    We look to nurses as learners, educators, and leaders in this edition. Read on about teaching fledgling nurses in the classroom and on the ward, fostering leadership skills, nurses sharing their career tales, and milestones past and future in the recognition of competence and professional development.

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    Baby hopes and vitamins

    CLINICALLY APPRAISED TOPIC (CAT): Does taking vitamin supplements help women with fertility problems?

April 2013 Vol 13 (4)

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    Taking a special approach

    Diabetes nursing managed to ‘jump the gun’ to RN prescribing with a successful demonstration site. Next off the starting blocks is expected to be respiratory nursing. FIONA CASSIE looks at some specialist areas and their likely prescribing ambitions.

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    International Nurses Day Heroes

    To celebrate International Nurses Day this year Nursing Review invited district health boards across the country to contribute stories on nursing ‘heroes’ in their region. We got stories back on just some of the unsung, innovative, compassionate, high achievers and dedicated nurses that make up the New Zealand nursing workforce.

February 2013

September 2012

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    Nursing: no greater calling

    Sharon Myoji Schnare, a United States-based family and women’s health nurse practitioner addressed the recent primary health care nurses' conference* about the brave new world opening up to nursing.

July 2012

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    A day in the life... OF A FAMILY PLANNING NURSE

    Sue Schroder walks to work knowing her twin pre-schoolers are in her husband's good hands.  She then sets to work with the mostly young women clientele providing information and support on contraception to STIs...

March 2012