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    Training of most NPs still being done 'on a shoestring'

    18 May 2017

    Nurse practitioner training shouldn't still need to rely on goodwill and keep facing funding uncertainty, say NP training providers.

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    Pilot NP interns from Kaikohe to Invercargill now registered and working

    17 May 2017

    Eighteen graduates from the pilot fully-funded NP training programme are now registered and starting work as NPs – half of them in primary health care.

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    Tripling of NP registrations in one year

    17 May 2017

    Increased support for the NP role and streamlined registration processes contributed to 77 new NPs being registered last year – more than triple the rate of previous years, says the Nursing Council.

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    NP numbers starting to soar

    2 May 2017

    A more than 30 per cent leap in nurse practitioner numbers in the previous year was celebrated at the biannual Nurse Practitioners New Zealand conference at the weekend. 

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    New NP interns and NP training videos

    28 February 2017

    The second cohort of nurse practitioner trainees under the pilot NP training programme are underway. New video resources have also been released outlining what is involved in supervising and mentoring an NP in the making.

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    Rural NP says urgent need for safe water

    23 February 2017

    There is an urgent public health need to have confidence in our fresh water systems much sooner than 2040, says Rural GP Network chair and NP Sharon Hansen 

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    New addiction act could see demand upsurge

    17 February 2017

    Increased demand for addiction services and addiction nurses could follow a new Act streamlining the compulsory treatment order process for people with severe addiction.

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    Passing of long-awaited 'barriers' bill celebrated

    2 November 2016

    After a decade in the making the bill that removes legal barriers that have hindered nurse practitioner and nurse practice was finally passed by parliament this week.

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    New NP leader as NP numbers top 200

    20 October 2016

    A new chair has been elected for Nurse Practitioners New Zealand as the number of nurse practitioners practising around the country tops 200 for the first time.

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    RN prescribing great but training funding tight

    16 September 2016

    The new right for registered nurses to prescribe is welcomed by Professor Jenny Carryer but she also questions whether training funding is enough to meet the "huge education commitment" required.

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    Daughter humbled by following iconic mother in winning award

    8 September 2016

    Nurse practitioner Pareake O'Brien says she is stunned to win the Te Akenehi Hei Award that was also awarded to her late mother Putiputi O'Brien more than a decade ago.

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    NP barriers starting to fall

    10 August 2016

    From next week nurse practitioners will be able to join doctors and dentists in being able to issue standing orders – removing one more barrier to NP practice.

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    NP training scheme gets funding for another year

    2 August 2016

    News of a funding extension for a pilot nurse practitioner training programme is being welcomed as another sign of the NP movement gaining momentum.

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    Rural nurses achievements celebrated

    11 April 2016

    Nurses from Great Barrier Island to Franz Josef – including three new Māori nurse practitioners ­– were honoured at this month's national rural health conference.

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    Revised 'barriers' Bill adds new role for NPs

    9 March 2016

    The long-awaited 'barriers' bill is being revised after the select committee hearings proposed new amendments allowing NPs to supervise registered nurse prescribers.

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    Uncovering the 'hidden heart' of your patient

    22 January 2016

    ROSEMARY MINTO believes the key to making a difference to patients is finding the self-belief system driving their health behaviours. Read on to find out how out the primary health care nurse practitioner has chosen New Year's resolutions to help her to do just that.

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    ED silly season over for another year

    27 January 2016

    As the country heads back to work and school, memories of the festive season may already be starting to fade. For some, however, memories of a holiday trip to ED may not be forgotten so easily. Emergency nurse practitioner MICHAEL GERAGHTY shares an emergency nursing perspective of the summer silly season.

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    Broader NP scope out for consultation

    10 December 2014

    Nurse practitioners could better evolve their practice to meet community needs if a proposed generic scope of practice goes ahead, says Nurse Practitioners New Zealand chair Jane Jeffcoat.

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    Health literacy & flicking that switch

    25 November 2014

    Primary health nurse practitioner ROSEMARY MINTO on the challenge of "flicking the switch" to good health habits and the need to realise the 'story' behind each reluctant quitter or non-exerciser. Plus the need to be funded to give the time required to support people make and maintain lifestyle change – particularly with the low levels of health literacy.

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    New minister advised to speed up bill to remove nursing barriers

    13 November 2014

    Both Treasury and the Ministry of Health are advising the new health minister to push ahead with the long awaited bill to remove barriers to health workforce flexibility.

  • Kim Carter

    Money is not a dirty word

    31 October 2014

    Nurse and general practice co-owner KIM CARTER believes one of the biggest barriers stopping nursing from making a bigger difference in primary health is nurses' attitude to money.

  • Paula Renouf

    Let’s stop children falling through the cracks

    30 October 2014

    The country's first child and youth NP, PAULA RENOUF, says a decade on, some things have improved but still too many children are falling through the cracks.

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    New Minister endorses nurse role expansion

    22 October 2014

    New Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has confirmed he's following in his predecessor's footsteps in being supportive of expanded nursing roles.

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    Nursing Survey: what DO you do everyday?

    2 October 2014

    Nurses nationwide are invited to take part in a major online survey hoping to pinpoint the real differences between a staff nurse and a specialist nurse’s daily work.

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    Lifestyle advice: Would you follow advice

    25 September 2014

    ANDY McLACHLAN – Scotsman, cardiology NP and past-consumer of deep-fried pizza and hamburgers the size of your head – recently got lectured by an after-hours pharmacist while picking up his type 2 diabetes medication.

August 2016 Vol. 16 (4)

June 2016 Vol. 16 (3)

  • Liz Manning COL

    New steps underway to develop NP role

    LIZ MANNING and JENNY CARRYER reflect on the journey to date to establish nurse practitioners (NPs) in New Zealand, plus they report on a new project to support NP supervisors and mentors in their essential role of training future NPs.

February 2016 Vol 16 (1)

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    ED silly season over for another year

    As the country heads back to work and school, memories of the festive season may already be starting to fade. For some, however, memories of a holiday trip to ED  may not be forgotten so easily. Emergency nurse practitioner MICHAEL GERAGHTY shares an emergency nursing perspective of the summer silly season.

October 2015 Vol 15 (5)

August 2015 Vol 15 (4)

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    ED's Letter: CNS numbers surge, NP growth slower

    If I’ve learned anything from reporting on nursing over the years, it’s that many nurses are multitaskers extraordinaire. They juggle demanding workloads: raising kids and completing postgraduate study; and emerge with new skills to enhance their nursing practice and the letters PGDip, MN or even PhD after their names.

  • Jessica Ongley

    Career path: clinical nurse specialist on NP pathway (private surgical hospital)

    Nursing mentors have been instrumental in helping clinical nurse specialist JESSICA ONGLEY along her career path towards her ultimate goal of becoming a nurse practitioner.

  • PA evaluation

    Nurses unconvinced by positive PA evaluation

    A positive evaluation of a Health Workforce New Zealand-funded physician assistant (PA) pilot in primary health has been released. HWNZ has no plans to take further steps to initiate a PA training programme but more US-trained PAs are being sought by practices and an application for regulation of the role is in the pipeline. FIONA CASSIE reports.

June 2015 Vol 15 (3)

  • Chronic Pain ICON

    Chronic pain - the other long-term condition

    Nursing Review talks to pain management NP Sue King about not only the pain associated with the more common long-term conditions but also about chronic pain as a long-term condition in its own right – and how nurses can best help their patients manage it.

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    Research focus on Ageing Well

    Nursing-led research projects are being recommended for a share of the $14.6 million Ageing Well research challenge launched earlier this year.

April 2015 Vol 15 (2)

October 2014 Vol 14 (5)

  • VIBE young people

    Youth services making a difference on a shoestring

    Young people walking through the door of Youth One Stop Shops around the country are offered a holistic, wraparound service that many nurses aspire to. FIONA CASSIE learns that it comes at the cost of a continuous funding struggle to keep the – often nurse-led – youth health services running.

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    Ouch: crushed fingers and purply-black nails

    Fingers may be small but wounds to them can be disproportionately painful and debilitating. FIONA CASSIE seeks first aid advice for nurses from emergency NP Margaret Colligan on crushed fingers and other common finger wounds.

May 2014 Vol 14 (2)

January 2014 Vol 13 (8)

November 2013 Vol 13 (7)

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    Healing ambitions

    Helping prevent and heal faster debilitating and costly leg ulcers is the aim of the first trans-Tasman clinical guidelines for venous leg ulcers. Two years on from launching the Australasian guidelines, the push is on to get wider implementation. Some of Australasia’s experts in the field provide an update.


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    OPINION: NP says nurse practitioners not doctor substitutes

    Sharon Hansen, NP and deputy chair of the Rural General Practice Network (NZRGPN) responds to nurse leaders concerns about barriers to NP practice in rural areas being created by new definition of general practice team

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    OPINION: male nurses - as Tom Jones said..."it's not unusual"

    The army, the dole or nursing? NP Andy McLachlan reflects on falling into the career that turned him from a boy into a man. And the need to attract more men and more Māori and Pacific into nursing.

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    OPINION: Violence and the healthcare setting

    Michael Geraghty, Nurse Practitioner in the Adult Emergency Department at Auckland City Hospital, calls for a zero tolerance policy against violence and verbal threats in our hospitals.

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    OPINION: Charlie’s story – measuring what makes a difference

    Free prescriptions and more time … primary health nurse practitioner ROSEMARY MINTO argues for what could most help patients like Charlie*.

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    OPINION: Don’t drink and fry ... how about not drinking till drunk?

    Former barman and now ED nurse practitioner MICHAEL GERAGHTY wonders when Kiwis will grow out of defining a great night as waking up feeling sick with no memory of the previous night and no cash in their wallet.

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    Lifestyle advice: Would you follow advice

    ANDY McLACHLAN – Scotsman, cardiology NP and past-consumer of deep-fried pizza and hamburgers the size of your head – recently got lectured by an after-hours pharmacist while picking up his type 2 diabetes medication. As a reformed character with great blood sugar, cholesterol, a BMI of 24 (and only succumbing to the occasional pink iced bun) McLachlan suggests sensitivity is needed for when and how health professionals’ offer lifestyle advice to patients.

September 2013 Vol 13 (6)

  • AmioIkihele

    Career paths: the short, sweet, and roundabout

    We look to nurses as learners, educators, and leaders in this edition. Read on about teaching fledgling nurses in the classroom and on the ward, fostering leadership skills, nurses sharing their career tales, and milestones past and future in the recognition of competence and professional development.

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    Horowhenua NP making a difference in rest homes

    The first NP employed by the residential aged care sector led to far fewer hospital admissions and reduced GP workloads, says an evaluation report. But in a sector always plagued by funding issues, the report also raises questions over the sustainability of the current funding model. FIONA CASSIE reports.

April 2013 Vol 13 (4)

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    Ready to take the medicine

    Some call it the biggest revolution for New Zealand nursing since training left hospitals. A decade since the first Kiwi nurse practitioner was authorised to prescribe, the Nursing Council is proposing the long-awaited widening of prescribing to registered nurses. Prescribing is the buzz. Along with cries of “at last” and “fantastic”, there is a desire to get it right from the outset if the country wants more RNs to leave the protection of standing orders and become prescribers in their own right. FIONA CASSIE reports.

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    Fishing, truck-driving and prescribing Adie-style

    Far North nurse practitioner Adrianne Murray is the pragmatic but passionate face of nurse prescribing. FIONA CASSIE talks to the country’s second ever-prescribing NP about doing the groundwork to be a prescriber.

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    Pioneer prescriber looks back

    Paula Renouf became the country’s first nurse prescriber in June 2003. Nursing Review caught up with her on travelling sabbatical in the United States’ Pacific North West and asked her to reflect back on the decade that’s followed.

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    International Nurses Day Heroes

    To celebrate International Nurses Day this year Nursing Review invited district health boards across the country to contribute stories on nursing ‘heroes’ in their region. We got stories back on just some of the unsung, innovative, compassionate, high achievers and dedicated nurses that make up the New Zealand nursing workforce.

February 2013

December 2012

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    Tide change for Waves

    Taranaki’s Waves youth health service is still seeking to re-open but its founding nurse practitioner Lou Roebuck is seeking a fresh start.

November 2012

September 2012

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    Spoonful of medicine for prescribing bill

    Nursing opposition to the proposed delegated prescriber role has been tempered by amendments proposed by the Health Select Committee to the Medicines Amendment Bill.

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    Nursing: no greater calling

    Sharon Myoji Schnare, a United States-based family and women’s health nurse practitioner addressed the recent primary health care nurses' conference* about the brave new world opening up to nursing.

July 2012

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    Cardiac Nursing: NP making a heartfelt difference

    Anxious patients with chest pain who used to wait up to 100 days for review at Counties Manukau District Health Board are now being seen in less than 20 days.Nearly half of heart attack patients who used to wait up to six months for a cardiologist review are now seeing a nurse practitioner or CNS instead. FIONA CASSIE talks to cardiac nurse practitioner Andy McLachlan about the difference nurse-led clinics are making.

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    Bi-level ventilation: breathing new life into patients

    Respiratory nurse practitioner Diana Hart helps the morbidly obese breathe easily again at night. FIONA CASSIE learns more about her successful bi-level ventilation clinics.

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    New addiction NP craves job

    The country has its first nurse practitioner in addiction, Louise Leonard. All she needs now is an NP job. FIONA CASSIE reports.

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    The nurse practitioner will see you now...

    JILL WILKINSON and ANGELA BATES profile a nurse practitioner-led health centre looking after many of central Wellington’s homeless and high needs population.

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    NP champions to replace NPAC

    Nurse practitioner champions and the National Nursing Organisations group are proposed to take over the work of the Nurse Practitioners Advisory Committee (NPAC-NZ) that has been wound up after a decade’s work.

May 2012

July 2010

May 2010

April 2010

  • Rural NPs seek urgent clean-up

    A call for urgent action to clean up legislative barriers faced by rural nurse practitioners was made at the recent Rural General Practice Network conference.

March 2010

  • An NP in the community

    FIONA CASSIE talks to DEB GILLON, one of the country’s newest NPs in one of the rarest roles – an aged care NP in the community

February 2010

January 2010

  • NP registration celebrated

    Eight years of registering nurse practitioners has been marked with a new webs ite, celebratory publications and extra funding to help boost NP numbers.