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    Pilot to boost Māori in PHC

    30 September 2016

    A pilot to boost Māori nurse numbers in primary health care is underway in South Auckland with four graduates employed and a New Year intake to follow.

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    Daughter humbled by following iconic mother in winning award

    8 September 2016

    Nurse practitioner Pareake O'Brien says she is stunned to win the Te Akenehi Hei Award that was also awarded to her late mother Putiputi O'Brien more than a decade ago.

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    Young Nurse of the Year wants to make her children proud

    8 September 2016

    A once "rebellious" teenage mum and now passionate convert to rural outreach nursing says she is humbled to be the joint winner of the Young Nurse of the Year Award.

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    What is 'nurse' in Māori?

    6 July 2016

    To mark Māori Language Week Nursing Review looks at the several Māori words for 'nurse' and which word has been chosen by NZNO for its new Māori name.

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    Oral history of Māori mental health nurses goes live

    23 June 2016

    The stories of pioneering Māori mental health nurses who trained from the 1950s onwards and helped to develop today's Māori health services are preserved on a new oral history website.

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    Rural nurses achievements celebrated

    11 April 2016

    Nurses from Great Barrier Island to Franz Josef – including three new Māori nurse practitioners ­– were honoured at this month's national rural health conference.

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    Safe sleep: ask the uncomfortable questions

    3 December 2015

    Safe Sleep Day is on December 4 to help ensure babies sleep safely this summer. A safe sleeping advisor tells Nursing Review that nurses often have special opportunities to ask the questions that can make a difference to vulnerable families.

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    Tributes for nursing treasure Putiputi O'Brien

    28 August 2015

    Nursing taonga Putiputi O'Brien RN QSO passed away this month aged 93.  NGAIRA HARKER of the College of Nurses Aotearoa, HEMAIMA HUGHES of Te Kaunihera o Nga Neehi Māori o Aotearoa (the National Council of Māori Nurses) and KERRI NUKU of Te Rūnanga o Aotearoa NZNO pay tribute to this special nurse. 

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    Primary Healthcare: in need of a paradigm shift?

    9 March 2015

    OPINION: NP Rosemary Minto looks back to successes of the past and looks forward to a time when the primary health care paradigm gets a bigger shove in the right direction.

  • Lorraine Hetaraka Stevens

    First nurse leader for large Auckland PHO

    19 January 2015

    One of the country's largest primary health organisations – Auckland's ProCare – has appointed its first ever nursing director. Lorraine Hetaraka Stevens

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    Nursing Survey: what DO you do everyday?

    2 October 2014

    Nurses nationwide are invited to take part in a major online survey hoping to pinpoint the real differences between a staff nurse and a specialist nurse’s daily work.

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    Young & experienced RNs honoured in Awards

    18 September 2014

    A young Plunket nurse working extensively with migrant families won the inaugural NZNO Young Nurse of the Year at an awards ceremony last night.

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    Whānau Ora - who cares? Nurses should…

    22 August 2014

    Primary health nurse practitioner ROSEMARY MINTO argues why nurses and health planners and providers should sit up and take more notice of Whānau Ora – a home-grown model she believes could help overcome health inequities in New Zealand.

April 2017 VOL. 15 (2)

  • paediatric nurse

    Nursing study tips: cultural safety articles

    Nursing Review will now regularly share some useful articles from our online archive on topics of interest to student nurses and others. First up, cultural safety (kawa whakaruruhau).

August 2016 Vol. 16 (4)

  • Kerri Nuku

    Q & A with Kerri Nuku

    NZNO's Kaiwhakahaere Kerri Nuku was inspired into nursing as a child by the photo of her mother in her starched white uniform, cap and red cape. Find out about her career that has taken her into midwifery, auditing and appearing before the United Nations.

  • Leaha North

    Career Path: clinical nurse coordinator

    LEAHA NORTH knew when she was a girl playing hospital with her dolls that she wanted to work with children. After returning from a lengthy OE mostly spent paediatric nursing, she is also keen to work on reducing Māori health inequalities.

  • Donna Foxall

    Career path: senior nursing lecturer

    The chance to teach nursing students to become culturally competent healthcare professionals inspired DONNA FOXALL to swap working in primary healthcare for a career in nurse education.

  • Marianne Te Tau

    Career path: clinical nurse specialist (APAC)

    MARIANNE TE TAU’s career to date is being guided by the philosophy of reflective practice, pursuing professional development and being patient/whānau-centred.

  • UN

    Māori nurse pay parity battle continues

    In the latest battle in the pay parity war, the NZNO has presented a number of interventions to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues on behalf of iwi provider nurses and health workers. 

April 2016 Vol 16 (2)

  • Lorraine Hetaraka Stevens

    Action needed to recruit new blood

    Nursing director LORRAINE HETARAKA-STEVENS calls for innovative and courageous strategies to recruit more new graduate nurses, including under-represented Māori, into the ageing primary health nurse workforce.

February 2016 Vol 16 (1)

  • Maori icon

    Māori and Pacific Nurses: Is burnout inevitable?

    Nursing Review looks at the extra expectations that are often placed on Māori and Pacific nurses and shares some advice for nurses and workplaces on how to avoid the risk of burnout.

  • Maori Kerri

    Pay equity wanted for Māori and iwi health provider nurses

    Back in 1908, one of the country’s first Māori registered nurses and midwives, Akenehi Hei*, struggled to get the government to pay for her work. More than a century later, nurses working for Māori and iwi health providers are still struggling with pay equity issues, says Kerri Nuku, kaiwhakahaere of Te Rūnanga o Aotearoa NZNO.

December 2015 Vol 15 (6)

October 2015 Vol 15 (5)

August 2015 Vol 15 (4)

June 2015 Vol 15 (3)

April 2015 Vol 15 (2)

February 2015 Vol 15 (1)

  • Lorraine Hetaraka Stevens 02

    Q&A with Lorraine Hetaraka-Stevens

    Lorraine Hetaraka-Stevens is the first nursing director for the country's largest PHO, ProCare. Check out who inspired her to go nursing, her wish list for nursing and why she'd like to head to Vietnam some day.

December 2014 Vol 14 (6)

August 2014 Vol 14 (4)

  • QAMargarethBroodkoorn.jpg

    Q&A with Margareth Broodkoorn

    Find out what is top of MARGARETH BROODKOORN’s bucket list. And what three wishes Broodkoorn – the lead director of nursing on Ngā Manukura o Āpōpō (the national Māori nursing and midwifery workforce development programme) – would ask nursing’s fairy godmother to grant.

January 2014 Vol 13 (8)

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    Q&A Hemaima Hughes

    The passionate girl guide from the backblocks of Opotiki decided at 11 she wanted to be a nurse but found herself a court clerk on leaving school. Find out more about the President of the National Council of Māori Nurses' career that has spanned visiting patients in a dugout canoe in the Solomon Islands to writing nursing curriculum for a Māori nursing degree.

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    ePortfolio… free and easy

    An electronic portfolio record for nurses developed by Ngā Manukura o Āpōpō* (NMoĀ) ­­– the Māori nursing workforce development programme – is now open and available to all nurses for free.

September 2013 Vol 13 (6)

  • AmioIkihele

    Career paths: the short, sweet, and roundabout

    We look to nurses as learners, educators, and leaders in this edition. Read on about teaching fledgling nurses in the classroom and on the ward, fostering leadership skills, nurses sharing their career tales, and milestones past and future in the recognition of competence and professional development.

  • TurnerFamily

    Nurses blossoming through leadership programme

    Margareth Broodkorn shares some inspiring stories of how the Ngā Manukura ō Āpōpō programme is building a new generation of much-needed Māori nursing and midwifery leaders.

July 2013 Vol 13 (5)

April 2013 Vol 13 (4)

  • IV nurse

    International Nurses Day Heroes

    To celebrate International Nurses Day this year Nursing Review invited district health boards across the country to contribute stories on nursing ‘heroes’ in their region. We got stories back on just some of the unsung, innovative, compassionate, high achievers and dedicated nurses that make up the New Zealand nursing workforce.

  • Reena Kainamu

    Too few Māori nursing students: action needed

    Reena Kainamu, member of the Māori Caucus of Te Ao Māaramatanga New Zealand College of Mental Health Nurses (NZCMHN), shares the concerns about the under-representation of Māori students in nursing programmes and Māori nurses in the workforce.

  • RN medal

    Cultural safety bibliography celebrates 'coming of age'

    Bibliography celebrates 'coming of age' of  New Zealand's cultural safety approach to nursing.

September 2012

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    The sore throat that can break hearts

    Just a sore throat … too many families now know some sore throats last a lifetime. FIONA CASSIE talks with some of the passionate pioneers of school throat-swabbing campaigns as the national Rheumatic Fever Prevention programme rolls out.

  • sore-throat-child.jpg

    South Auckland pioneering new school clinic model

    *It was in South Auckland that school-based sore throat clinics were first trialled in New Zealand.*

July 2012

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    The whānau ora approach to nursing chronic conditions

    If your car is your home, it’s tough getting diabetes under control. FIONA CASSIE looks at a whānau ora approach to chronic conditions at one of the country’s first whānau ora centres.

  • lightbulb

    The "non--nursing" whānau ora model: Te Puna Hauora

    Lyvia Marsden brings 50 years of nursing to the ‘non-nursing’ whānau ora model she developed for North Shore’s Te Puna Hauora. FIONA CASSIE talks to the president of the National Council of Māori Nurses and other Te Puna nurses about their approach to chronic conditions and whānau ora. And how nurses can't be all things to all people.

  • lecture theatre women

    New Māori scorecard for nursing schools

    The first “league table” ranking nursing schools’ performance in supporting Māori nursing students shows wide disparity in student success rates.

May 2012

  • laptop

    Telehealth research: empowering patients and freeing up nurses?

    Can telehealth monitors in the home help nurses and doctors care for more patients with chronic conditions? Preliminary results from the country’s second telehealth research project – ASSET – indicate the answer is probably “yes”. FIONA CASSIE reports.

  • Taima-Campbell.jpg

    Taima Campbell: Time for a change

    FIONA CASSIE talks to former Auckland District Health executive director of nursing Taima Campbell about her decade at the helm, Māori workforce development and her plans for the future.

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    News Briefs

    News briefs including: More nurses in schools/ Oz aged care package get nurses’ backing/  Innovative RNFSA and HCA training underway/ NZ hospital productivity ‘bucks trend’/ Toolkit to improve elective patient flow/  New ACC patient handling guidelines/ Strong cultural life enhances Māori elders

March 2012

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    BRIEFS INCLUDING:Nga Manukura pilot to commence/ Workplace computer access/ Avoid food list released/ Cancer programme for Maori

August 2011

July 2010

April 2010

March 2010

  • New PDRP offered to Māori nurses

    Māori nurses in the community are being offered the first recognised professional development programme for Māori nurses by Māori nursing leadership. Huarahi Whakatu is a professional development recognition programme (PDRP) developed by national Māori workforce development centre Te Rau Matatini in partnership with Te Ao Maramatanga (the New Zealand College of Mental Health Nurses), with support from Nga Ngaru Hauora o Aotearoa and approved by the Nursing Council. It is specifically targeted at Māori nurses working in non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

February 2010

  • He Whakaaro Noiho

    RHOENA and PATRICK DAVIS consider Waitangi Day and the Treaty of Waitangi

January 2010