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    DHB nurses to pursue pay equity

    22 June 2017

    The nursing union NZNO has tabled its intent to pursue a pay equity claim for district health board nurses.

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    DHB nurse pay talks underway: safe staffing top of agenda

    21 June 2017

    Nurses' contract claims are being costed as bargaining gets underway between the 20 district health boards and nurses' union NZNO – with urgent action to address understaffing top of the nursing agenda.

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    Training of most NPs still being done 'on a shoestring'

    18 May 2017

    Nurse practitioner training shouldn't still need to rely on goodwill and keep facing funding uncertainty, say NP training providers.

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    Latest survey indicates nurses morale falling but burnout levels low

    22 March 2017

    Restructuring and heavy workloads have seen nursing morale fall in the latest NZNO biennial nursing survey but despite this few nurses are indicating signs of burnout.

  • Shiftwork

    Great start but fatigue survey still wants more nurses' voices

    8 March 2017

    About 3500 nurses have so far taken part in the country's first nursing fatigue survey but researchers are keen for more – particularly mental health nurses – before the survey closes at the end of March.

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    Call to halve reliance on overseas nurses

    20 February 2017

    Importing overseas nurses is a major factor in driving down wages and pay equity in the aged care sector, says the New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO). The hard-hitting discussion paper on nurse migration also advocates halving New Zealand's reliance on overseas nurses by 2030.

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    Nursing budget blow-outs

    8 February 2017

    Increased patient demand and outstanding annual leave contributed to some district health board's nursing budgets blowing out last year, according to nursing directors. More at-risk patients requiring 1:1 watches and shorter patient stays were also contributing to pressure on nursing budgets, the directors told Nursing Review.

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    NZNO advocates for option of assisted dying

    19 January 2017

    Submissions closed this week on the draft position statement from the New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) that advocates for individuals having the right to the option of medically assisted dying (AD). Right to Life, a pro-life organisation, has responded by saying it was "very concerned" that NZNO wasn't defending patients against the "threat of euthanasia and a culture of death".

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    New grad job market steady for bumper cohort

    14 December 2016

    Job offers for new graduate nurses were back up slightly after plateauing last year but around 650 nurses will once again start the summer job-hunting. 

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    Passing of long-awaited 'barriers' bill celebrated

    2 November 2016

    After a decade in the making the bill that removes legal barriers that have hindered nurse practitioner and nurse practice was finally passed by parliament this week.

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    Filipino nurse migration trends up and Indian down

    21 October 2016

    Nurses from the Philippines were this year once again New Zealand's biggest source of new overseas qualified nurses, according to the latest Nursing Council statistics

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    Kiwi nurses buck migration trend

    21 October 2016

    The number of Kiwi nurses seeking to work across the Tasman is up again this year after dropping to a new low last year.

  • Shiftwork

    Shift working nurses: how fatigued are you?

    4 October 2016

    A national online survey into nurse fatigue is launching this week and shift working nurses are being urged to share their work and sleep patterns.

  • Grads

    Snapshot survey shows nurses missing out

    3 October 2016

    About 30 per cent of postgraduate nursing students are self-funding their studies a snapshot survey has revealed.

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    How many international nursing students do we train?

    22 September 2016

    International student fees bring in $1 billion a year. Do our 19 nursing schools limit how many international fee-paying student nurses they enrol? Nursing Review reports its survey findings. 

  • Jed Montayre websize

    Filipino nursing lecturer honoured

    8 September 2016

    Finding new graduates jobs and retaining overseas-trained nurses is a workforce dilemma that joint winner of the Young Nurse of the Year award Dr Jed Montayre can see from both perspectives.

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    Canada pushing for NZ's safe staffing model

    7 September 2016

    Canada's nursing unions will be putting a case for a similar safe staffing system to New Zealand's, says Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions' president Linda Silas.

  • Shiftwork

    Nurse fatigue focus of $890,000 project

    23 June 2016

    Shift working nurses will be surveyed about fatigue-related errors during a major research project to develop a cutting-edge approach to managing nurse fatigue.

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    Nursing shortage forecast cautiously more optimistic in short-term

    12 May 2016

    With bumper numbers of new nurses graduating in recent years, a new nursing forecast model indicates that fears of a nursing shortage hitting as early as 2020 is now looking less likely.

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    Ministry wary on flu mask policy endorsement

    14 April 2016

    Requiring unimmunised nurses to wear masks in high 'flu season is backed in a Ministry of Health letter to district health board chief executives.  The letter also hints that voluntary immunisation may not work.

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    New voice for Pacific nurses

    14 April 2016

    Helping strengthen the voice of Pacific nurses in New Zealand is one aim of the new Pan Pacific Nurses Association launched last night in Auckland.

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    Hard-line 'vaccinate or mask' 'flu policy still in place

    12 April 2016

    The district health board that suspended two unvaccinated nurses last 'flu season for refusing to wear a mask is currently sticking to its controversial policy.

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    About 40 per cent of new grads still job-hunting

    24 March 2016

    The summer is ending with 852 new graduate nurses in work but 547 remain in the talent pool still hoping for a new graduate placement.

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    Revised 'barriers' Bill adds new role for NPs

    9 March 2016

    The long-awaited 'barriers' bill is being revised after the select committee hearings proposed new amendments allowing NPs to supervise registered nurse prescribers.

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    Kiwi nurse leader speaks out on international stage

    9 March 2016

    Nurses have a key role in reducing the threat of antibiotic resistance that could cause 10 million deaths annually by 2050, says the new Kiwi leader of the International Council of Nurses Dr Frances Hughes.

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    Career advice puts RNs and HCAs income prospects 'on par'

    24 February 2016

    Nursing is back up a notch as a 'good' job prospect in the latest Occupation Outlook report. But the government's annual career advice report is less optimistic about nursing graduates' income prospects, which they rate as similar to health care assistants (HCAs) and less than early childhood teachers.

  • Des Gorman

    HWNZ: Nurses still play pivotal role in healthcare

    22 January 2016

    Nursing Review asked Health Workforce New Zealand for an opinion piece on HWNZ's recent and future plans and on nursing's role in that work and vision. Chair DES GORMAN and acting director RUTH ANDERSON responded.

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    Mixed trends for new graduate job-hunters in 2016

    10 November 2015

    Some of the country's largest hospitals are increasing their New Year intakes of new graduate nurses but another, Hutt Hospital, has cancelled its usual February intake.

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    NP training pilot oversubscribed

    5 November 2015

    Nearly 50 would-be nurse practitioners have applied for just 20 places in the first dedicated NP training programme.

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    Nurses delighted at 'barriers' bill passing first step

    20 August 2015

    Removing legal barriers hindering nurse practitioners – such as those stopping NPs writing sick leave certificates or prescribing controlled drugs – are a step closer following a parliamentary vote yesterday.

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    Stalled nurse endoscopy training to make fresh start

    18 August 2015

    A second attempt to get nurse endoscopy training underway – to help boost the colonoscopy workforce prior to introducing  national bowel cancer screening – is set to start in 2016. An attempt at fast tracking nurse endoscopist training was announced in mid-2014 by then Health Minister Tony Ryall. Training was due to start early 2015 but was stalled and recently a second start date was set for 2016.

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    NP training programme gets green light

    30 July 2015

    The long awaited go-ahead has been given to piloting a dedicated training programme for 20 would-be nurse practitioners in 2016.

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    New grads competing with migrant nurses?

    19 May 2015

    More than 250 new graduate nurses have been struggling to find work in practice areas that remain open to migrant nurses.

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    DHB nurses urged to vote on 'so-so' pay offer

    5 May 2015

    Public hospital nurses are being asked to give union NZNO a "clear steer" on whether they will accept or reject a 1% pay offer now and 2% in following years.

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    Minnow DHB outperforms big DHBs in employing new graduates

    11 February 2015

    Auckland's three district health boards have between them employed 29 per cent of the country's next generation of nurses.

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    More new nurses than ever in work but 41% still job-hunting

    11 February 2015

    More graduate nurses have gained new graduate positions than this time last year – but bumper application numbers means 570 would-be nurses are still job hunting. 

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    Career advice downgrades nursing's job prospects

    3 February 2015

    Nursing has dropped a notch from being a 'good' job prospect to a 'fair' one in the latest Occupation Outlook report released by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

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    Public Hospital nurse pay talks underway

    3 February 2015

    Safe staffing is high on the agenda for national nurse pay talks underway as the days tick down to the current public hospital pay agreement expiring on 28 February.

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    Other recent DHB pay deals

    2 February 2015

    Recent DHB pay talks settled by other unions indicate NZNO nurses are unlikely to receive a generous pay offer during these negotiations.

April 2017 VOL. 15 (2)

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    Filipino nurses: our fastest-growing nursing workforce

    Filipino nurses are fast becoming a mainstay of the New Zealand health and aged care sector. FIONA CASSIE gained some insights into the nursing culture in the Philippines – a country estimated to have up to a staggering 200,000 unemployed nurses – during a brief visit to Manila, including why we shouldn’t take this workforce for granted.

  • childrens orthopaedic ward

    Should I stay or should I go now?

    FIONA CASSIE talks to Filipino nursing leaders about Filipino pay and working conditions, what makes them stay and how they hope to entice others to stay or return to the Philippines.

  • waitemata hca

    HCA training: making a difference to both staff and patients

    Nurse educator LYNLEY DAVIDSON outlines the impact a training framework for Waitemata District Health Board’s healthcare assistants has made on both HCAs and patient care.

February 2017 Vol. 15 (1)

  • nursing blues

    The nursing blues: are we caring enough for our carers

    Anxiety and depression are expected to be the leading causes of missed work days worldwide in the next five years. International research indicates that nurses already have higher levels of depression and anxiety than the general population. Nursing Review explores the issue.

  • handling slide sheet

    Patient handling: getting it right for both staff and patient

    Moving a patient without harming them or yourself is basic, but not simple, care. Getting it right requires not only good training, equipment and bedside spaces but also a good workplace culture. Nursing Review finds out more.

  • asian baby

    Nursing in China: how does it compare?

    A baby boom, not retiring nurses, is one of the major nursing workforce issues in China. Chinese nursing director Zheng Ying Wang reflects on other differences and similarities in nursing practice between our two countries.

  • clipboard

    Nursing taskforce on task

    JENNY CARRYER reports back on the issues, goals and tasks on the agenda of the national nursing taskforce.

October 2016 Vol. 16 (5)

August 2016 Vol. 16 (4)

  • Bullying

    Bullying and the 'caring profession'

    Bullying is prevalent in New Zealand workplaces and the ‘caring profession’ is far from an exception. Nursing Review reports on some challenging research on nurse bullying, some nurse leader thoughts on bullying and a nurse manager’s project to encourage nurses to be kinder to each other.

  • Banner close-up

    Try a little kindness

    Nursing Review talks to nurse manager MIKAELA SHANNON about a project to encourage and role model caring and kindness between nurses.

  • Patricia McClunie Trust

    Professional boundaries: how close is too close

    When is a nurse at risk of jeopardising being a ‘good nurse’ in their eagerness to be a ‘good neighbour’ or ‘good teammate’? PATRICIA McCLUNIE-TRUST uses a case study to work through some of the professional boundary issues that nurses can face.

  • Safe staffing

    Safe staffing: what forces make a shift safe or unsafe?

    Nurses driving home from work probably know whether a shift felt ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’. PhD researcher RHONDA McKELVIE wants to talk to nurses about the forces influencing safe, or unsafe, staffing.

  • UN

    Māori nurse pay parity battle continues

    In the latest battle in the pay parity war, the NZNO has presented a number of interventions to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues on behalf of iwi provider nurses and health workers. 

June 2016 Vol. 16 (3)

  • Pam Doole

    RN Prescribing just months away

    The nursing sector has its collective fingers crossed that it is only months away from nurse prescribing being opened up to more than just nurse practitioners and diabetes nurse specialists, including nurses working in other long-term conditions. Nursing Review reports.

  • Cyber bullying

    Cyberbullying in nursing: what is happening?

    Workplace cyberbullying is an insidious form of bullying that can stalk you from the hospital to home via the phone in your pocket. Researcher Natalia D’Souza wants to talk to nurses who may have experienced unwanted aggressive behaviour via any form of electronic media from text and email to social media and instant messaging. FIONA CASSIE reports.

April 2016 Vol 16 (2)

  • Zoe Mounsey CMYK

    Post-disaster self-care: do nurses practice what they preach?

    How nurses responded to the challenges of post-quake Christchurch was the focus of a research project by the Joint Centre for Disaster Research. Nursing Review reports on centre researcher ZOE MOUNSEY’s presentation to the recent People in Disasters conference, where she shared insights on nurses’ coping mechanisms.

  • CHCH quake

    Post-disaster: finding the time to care

    Research into insights gained by a ‘rapid scan’ survey of Nurse Maude’s district nurses 18 months after the February 2011 Canterbury earthquake was also shared at the People in Disasters Conference.

  • Jabu Mlangeni Denise Kivell Jacqui Wynne Jones l r

    Patient safety: keeping it real by walking the wards

    Ensuring health leaders are in touch with what’s happening at the bedside is a major motivation of Counties Manukau’s Patient Safety Leadership Walk Rounds. Counties Manukau nursing and improvement leaders Jacqui Wynne-Jones, Lynne Maher and Bev McClelland contributed to this article, outlining the background, format and results of leaders ‘walking the wards’.

  • IND 2016 poster

    International Nurses Day: resilience in the health system

    To be a force for change nurses need to be part of a resilient health system. The sub-theme for this year’s International Nurses Day (IND) on 12 May is ‘Improving health systems’ resilience’. Nursing Review looks at the IND kit* on the theme and the tragic consequences when systems fail.

  • Sallie Greenwood l Katrina Fyers CMYK

    Cultural safety: developing self-awareness through reflective practice

    How culturally safe is your practice? In the first of a short series of articles on cultural safety, Katrina Fyers and Sallie Greenwood focus on the skills of developing reflective writing to foster self-awareness and support culturally safe practice.

February 2016 Vol 16 (1)

  • Dr Frances Hughes icon

    Q&A with Dr Frances Hughes

    Find out more about kiwi nurse Dr Frances Hughes who is the southern hemisphere's first CEO of the International Council of Nurses. She took her up her Geneva-based post in February and on her 'bucket list' is learning another language...

  • Maori icon

    Māori and Pacific Nurses: Is burnout inevitable?

    Nursing Review looks at the extra expectations that are often placed on Māori and Pacific nurses and shares some advice for nurses and workplaces on how to avoid the risk of burnout.

  • Maori Kerri

    Pay equity wanted for Māori and iwi health provider nurses

    Back in 1908, one of the country’s first Māori registered nurses and midwives, Akenehi Hei*, struggled to get the government to pay for her work. More than a century later, nurses working for Māori and iwi health providers are still struggling with pay equity issues, says Kerri Nuku, kaiwhakahaere of Te Rūnanga o Aotearoa NZNO.

  • Fiona Rowan icon

    When nurses grieve

    FIONA ROWAN asks how well the caring profession cares for its own when nurses lose loved ones and shares findings from her survey of 70 bereaved nurses that indicate New Zealand could do better.

  • Patricia McClunie icon

    Caring for colleagues: Noticing factors leading to disciplinary action

    PATRICIA McCLUNIE-TRUST looks at caring for nursing colleagues who are close to the edge and shares insights gathered from her research into Health Practitioners’ Disciplinary Tribunal misconduct cases.

  • Reen Skaria icon

    Nurse education: Adapting to education Kiwi-style

    Challenges faced by India-trained nurse educator Reen Skaria prompted her to ask fellow overseas-trained nurse educators about their experiences of teaching in New Zealand. She shared her research findings, and some of her respondents' frank reflections, at last year’s Australasian Nurse Educators Conference (ANEC). Nursing Review reports.

  • Peter Gallagher icon

    Empathy: Does nursing have a monopoly?

    Are nursing students more empathetic than their medical colleagues? Former nurse and medical education advisor Dr Peter Gallagher* and colleagues set out to test this hypothesis. Nursing Review reports that the findings may surprise.

  • Royal badge

    Nurse prescribing and the Queen

    As registered nurse prescribing inches closer, MARK JONES and JILL WILKINSON argue that prescribing innovations could be better and faster in the future if the Queen wasn’t involved. They are calling for the proposed new Medicines Act to see a handover in power for deciding nursing’s prescriptive authority from the Queen (ie, the Crown) to the Nursing Council.

December 2015 Vol 15 (6)

October 2015 Vol 15 (5)

  • flu shot

    Flu shot: masking the issue?

    Three Waikato DHB frontline staff were suspended this winter for refusing to wear a mask after declining the flu vaccine. FIONA CASSIE looks at the sometimes fraught issue of infection control campaigns that aim to reduce the risk of influenza by increasing the vaccination levels of nurses and other healthcare workers.

  • Medication.jpg

    Steady but slow steps towards RN prescribing

    Nursing Review updates the next steps towards widened registered nurse prescribing in, hopefully, 2016.

August 2015 Vol 15 (4)

  • Gradutate incomes

    Graduate incomes: How nursing stacks up… and falls down

    How does a young nurse’s income stack up against those of his or her peers who become teachers or lawyers? Do we lose more young nurses overseas than other professions? Why does the average income of nurse graduates plateau and fall after five years? FIONA CASSIE reports on two Ministry of Education studies about young graduates’ incomes and destinations.

  • test-paper.jpg

    Postgraduate funding steady for 2016

    It is now around eight years since funding for postgraduate nursing study was decentralised to district health boards.

  • PA evaluation

    Nurses unconvinced by positive PA evaluation

    A positive evaluation of a Health Workforce New Zealand-funded physician assistant (PA) pilot in primary health has been released. HWNZ has no plans to take further steps to initiate a PA training programme but more US-trained PAs are being sought by practices and an application for regulation of the role is in the pipeline. FIONA CASSIE reports.

  • NETP: a decade of growth

    Ten years after introduction, nursing entry to practice (NETP) programmes are now seen as the established norm but demand for places outstrips jobs available. FIONA CASSIE reflects on a decade of NETP and talks to nurses about the very first NETP intakes.

  • nurse attrition

    Nurse attrition rate a cause for concern

    The Nursing Council of New Zealand recently released the latest report in its Nursing Cohort longitudinal study, which includes an update on the number of nurses registered in the 2005/06 year who are still nursing in New Zealand. While the numbers, including new data on nurses first registered in 2012/13, are worryingly low, it’s not all doom and gloom. FIONA CASSIE reports.

June 2015 Vol 15 (3)

April 2015 Vol 15 (2)

February 2015 Vol 15 (1)

  • Shiftwork

    Coping with shiftwork: is there a perfect roster?

    Shiftwork isn’t natural, and long-term it isn’t healthy – but it is essential for modern health care. So the challenge is to minimise the risks and maximise any lifestyle benefits. FIONA CASSIE talks to a sleep physiologist and nurse leaders to find out how to do just that.

  • Mental health matters

    Mental health matters: boosting nurses’ wellbeing

    Four years on, Christchurch’s nurses are still driving on bumpy roads to workplaces that are often temporary or under repair before returning to a home that may still be cracked or leaking. And with a $650 million rebuild, redevelopment and reshuffle of hospital services underway over the next four years and increasing demand for mental health services, it seems there is little relief in sight.

  • Pay talks

    A decade on: MECA pay talks underway again

    On 28 February the fourth national MECA pay agreement between 20 district health boards and the New Zealand Nurses Organistion expired. FIONA CASSIE backgrounds the talks and some of the history leading up to the latest negotiations.

December 2014 Vol 14 (6)

  • Simulation

    Simulation the answer to relieve pressured nurses?

    Can you halve the time student nurses spend on the ward or with a nurse in the community and still train a clinically competent nurse? A major US study has proven you can by replacing half the traditional clinical placement hours with quality simulation scenarios. 

  • Stressed 01

    Nursing research finds presenteeism steps up risk of missed care

    "One nurse … six bells ... maths doesn't work" – New Zealand's first missed care research finds, not surprisingly, that missing patient care is a reality in Kiwi nursing, although relatively rare. FIONA CASSIE talks to research leader Dr Clare Harvey about the trends found, including the high level of 'working-when-sick' reported and its link to increased missed care.

  • Stressed nurse

    Wearing two hats at one time: nurse managers on the ward

    FIONA CASSIE reports on KERRI-ANN HUGHES’ initial research findings into the support and barriers that help and hinder nurse managers in their work.

  • Chaos nurse

    Turning ward chaos into order: data is the key

    If your ward is chaos, the best argument for more staffing is hard data, says Cherrie Lowe, the Australian nurse founder and CEO of patient acuity software system TrendCare. FIONA CASSIE reports on Lowe's presentation to the recent NZNO nurse managers conference, including a major benchmarking study analysing 9.9 million nursing shifts.

  • Fern 01

    Māori nursing history: Kaunihera celebrates 30th anniversary

    It is 30 years since a group of Auckland Māori nurses hosted the first national hui for Māori nurses and the Te Kaunihera o Ngā Neehi Māori o Aotearoa (National Council of Māori Nurses) was incorporated. FIONA CASSIE talks to a founding member of Te Kaunihera, Linda Thompson*, about some of her personal memories of those early days.

  • Hemaima Hughes 01

    Te Kaunihera today – and the return of the nursing degree

    One of the motivations for founding Te Kaunihera three decades ago was to see more Māori enter and graduate from nursing schools.

  • Weaving 01

    Te Kaunihera o Nga Neehi Māori o Aotearoa: Te Timatanga - The Beginnings

    LINDA THOMPSON a founding and current executive member of Te Kaunihera (The National Council of Māori Nurses) writes about the early days of Te Kaunihera  - the council that was founded 30 years ago in the wake of a challenge that there were too few Māori Nurses.

October 2014 Vol 14 (5)

  • heart.jpg

    New youth health nursing framework

    Better meeting the health needs of young people is a major aim of a new nursing framework.  FIONA CASSIE finds out more about the National Youth Health Nursing Knowledge and Skills Framework, which outlines the essential skills all nurses should have, as well as those specialising in working with youth.

  • Nurse survey

    Nurses wanted: what DO you do to earn your pay?

    Nurses nationwide are invited to take part in a major online survey hoping to pinpoint the real differences between a staff nurse and a specialist nurse’s daily work.

August 2014 Vol 14 (4)

  • Pen-and-paper.jpg

    ED's Letter: New graduate employment: trapped in a cycle?

    One of my first reporting tasks for Nursing Review was photographing striking Christchurch nurses in early 2002 – I recall my toddler son waving at them from his buggy.

  • Thumbdown.jpg

    Nurses too nice or too wary to fail nursing students?

    Some nursing students shouldn’t ever become nurses. But failing them is easier said then done – a process not helped by the looming possibility of facing not only unhappy students but also their parents and lawyers. FIONA CASSIE talks to Sally Dobbs about her doctoral research into nurses failing nurses-to-be.

  • Ladership.jpg

    More PHC nursing leaders needed with a capital ‘L’

    Public Hospitals had matrons, but publicly funded, privately owned general practices have no such nurse leadership tradition. In 2014, more than a decade on from the Primary Health Care (PHC) Strategy launch, nursing leadership in the sector remains ad hoc. FIONA CASSIE finds out more and why there are calls for PHC nursing to have a consistent leadership structure across the country – and soon.

  • mendesk.jpg

    Directors of nursing: Caught between a rock and a hard place?

    Are today’s directors of nursing “disempowered” and “disconnected”? Kerri-Ann Hughes’ PhD research attempts to “make sense” of where (and if) nursing power sits in New Zealand’s public hospital system.

  • Ladership.jpg

    Fast-track leadership path for new nurses

    Catch them young. Waikato DHB last year launched a leadership programme for high-flying nurses who stood out in their new graduate year. Some are now moving on to do their PhDs and other DHBs are adopting the model. FIONA CASSIE finds out more about the unabashedly “elitist” programme.

  • Careerpath.jpg

    Career paths: Four nurses’ journeys

    Nursing Review once again asked some nurses from across the country in senior roles to tell us what path they followed to where they are today. They each have a good story to tell, from schoolgirl volunteering to careers being diverted by motherhood, and of job options closed in their chosen area but opening in another, plus the importance of role models and mentors. They share tips on career planning and the skills, qualities, and qualifications helpful in their roles.

  • Endoscopists.jpg

    Nurse endoscopists: the evolution of a new nursing role

    If New Zealand is to cut back the death rate from our second biggest cancer killer – bowel cancer – we need a bigger endoscopy workforce. After some years of investigation and preparation, Health Minister Tony Ryall fast-tracked the pace recently by announcing training of New Zealand’s first nurse endoscopists is to get underway early next year. FIONA CASSIE talks to Jenni Masters and Ruth Anderson about the big steps required to shift from wanting a new nursing role to making it a viable reality.

  • KathyMoore.jpg

    Career path: mental health nurse case study

    Role modeling by nurse leaders and pushes by a mentor helped Mental health nurse educator KATHY MOORE’s career “fall” into place.

  • SueMilton.jpg

    Career path: aged care nurse case study

    Rest home nurse manager SUE MILTON sewed the seed for her passion for gerontology during volunteer work as a school girl.

  • BarbaraVardey.jpg

    Career path: primary & pacific nurse case study

    PHO clinical manager BARBARA VARDEY says until recently she has been an ‘accidental tourist’ along her career path.

  • NickyGraham.jpg

    Career paths: Nicky Graham

    Surgical nursing director NICKY GRAHAM’s initial career path diverted from paediatric to adult surgery and she hasn’t looked back.

  • nursing-jobs.jpg

    Postgraduate Nursing Funding for 2015

    Health Workforce New Zealand was yet to set the funding pool and priorities for government-funded postgraduate nursing study as Nursing Review went to press.

June 2014 Vol 14 (3)

  • Day-in-the-life-Megan.gif

    A day in the life of a ... job-hunting new graduate nurse

    Meet new graduate nurse Megan Lyell and share a frustrating day in the life of the full-time job hunter and part-time emergency response attendant on Auckland's North Shore.

  • Pampering-feet.gif

    Faith, duty, and foot pampering wins nurse QSM

    One of faith community nurse Noreen Wright’s flock jokingly calls her the “toe pruner”.

  • News.jpg


    "India NZ’s biggest migrant nurse source""Sharp drop in NZ nurses crossing Tasman" "Record new graduate nurses registered" "NNO vision for 100% graduate nurse employment by 2018"

  • Stethoscope.jpg

    Competent or just confident?

    For a decade now, New Zealand nurses have had to declare each year that they continue to be competent to practise safely. DR RACHAEL VERNON, a leading researcher into New Zealand and other nations’ continuing competence frameworks, says such frameworks can predict and imply a nurse is safe to practise, but never guarantee.

  • college-of-nurses-hands.gif

    Managing our greatest resource - people

    TAIMA CAMPBELL introduces some human resources advice for nurses – both employers and employees – on some approaches to resolving employment dilemmas.

May 2014 Vol 14 (2)

  • Focus-heart.jpg

    Caring about or caring for patients?

    Is a nurse showering a patient or brushing their hair an indulgence we can longer expect in today’s hectic wards? Is team nursing and delegation of more and more personal care to health care assistants the logical and inevitable next step? FIONA CASSIE finds out more about models of care in today’s acute hospitals.

  • Donna-Galloway.jpg

    Team model shaken, showered, shifted & survived

    There are probably fewer more challenging tests of teamwork than a 6.3 magnitude earthquake turning your ward into an indoor waterfall, followed by having to evacuate patients on mattresses down a sodden stairwell in ongoing aftershocks.

  • Diane-Haugh.jpg

    Nurses want to shower their patient

    Asking a hospital aide to shower a surgical patient with wound dressings, drains, drips and feeding tubes is no easy step for nurse or aide.

  • Mikeala-Shannon.jpg

    Capital and Coast DHB: Short Stay Unit

    Traditional models of care also don’t fit non-traditional forms of acute care services.

  • Waikato.jpg

    Waikato DHB offers condensed HCA training course in-house

    Training health care assistants is a “win-win” both for the unregulated workforce and for patients, says the nurse leader of Waikato District Health Board’s training programme.

  • Lisa-Skeet.jpg

    Right nurse, right place, and right time?

    Five years down the track, implementing Safe Staffing Healthy Workplace Unit’s safe staffing tools in public hospitals is still a steady work in progress. FIONA CASSIE talks to unit director LISA SKEET about early pockets of success, TrendCare naysayers, and the need for DHBs to turn hard data into more nurses on the floor.

  • Happy-nurse.jpg

    Safe Staffing Unit Research: right staffing = happier staff

    Staff were happier and care rationing less likely to occur when staffing levels met CCDM criteria during a nursing shift, a research report released last year found.

  • Helen-Lloyd.jpg

    International Nurses Day ‘Heroes’

    Once again, to celebrate International Nurses Day, Nursing Review invited district health boards across the country to contribute stories on nursing ‘heroes’ in their region. We received stories on some of the unsung, innovative, compassionate, high-achieving and dedicated nurses that make up the New Zealand nursing workforce.

  • ehealth.jpg

    20 per cent of bumper new nurse cohort still job-hunting

    The number of new graduate nurse jobs has stayed static at around 900 for the third year running, despite the number of nursing graduates growing 25 per cent in the same time period.

March 2014 Vol 14 (1)

  • 1570504422.jpg

    Nurses not immune from obesity

    Promoting healthy lifestyles is bread and butter for today’s nurses, but recent research indicates Kiwi nurses are more likely to be obese then their patients. FIONA CASSIE discovers more about nursing, obesity, and weight management.

  • 1784009381.jpg

    Watching and weighing

    So should employers be walking the talk by supporting their nurses to maintain a healthy weight by supporting healthy lifestyle choices?

  • RobynWalshe.jpg

    Assertiveness: A much maligned term

    So you want to say no, or want someone else to say yes, and you feel you have right on your side. You don’t want to be a doormat but neither do you want to be seen as bossy or demanding. Communications specialist ROBYN WALSHE shares some tips on how to assertively – not aggressively – put your case.

  • stk120391rke1.jpg

    New migrant nurses feel welcome?

    JUDY SECCOMBE looks at nursing attitude to those who are ‘different’ and challenges kiwi nurses to be more welcoming to new colleagues from different ethnicities, cultures, or countries.

  • 1785769534.jpg

    551 new grads still job hunting in late Feb

    The number of new graduate nurses placed in work through the “one-stop job shop” has risen to 777 by late February, according to the latest Ministry of Health statistics.

  • News-phone.jpg


    NEWS BRIEFS including:Mid-year graduating nurses still job-hunting at year’s end/ interRAI funding/ Greens up ‘nurses in schools’ policy/ Registration medal shortage/Nursing Appointments

January 2014 Vol 13 (8)

  • BertTeekman2013.jpg

    Rationed time leads to rationed care?

    Missed care, rushed care, and tick box care plans … Researcher BERT TEEKMAN set out to find out was happening to bedside nursing and decided your average ‘med/surg’ nurse was definitely more sinned against than sinning under today’s managerial-focused health system. FIONA CASSIE finds out more.

  • MelissaLee.jpg

    Ms “Median” profiles

    We profile two nurses still nursing 20 plus years on after graduating in the early 90s when jobs were even tougher to get than now.

  • Starched caps to care rationing

    It is 50 years since College of Nurses co-chair and nursing lecturer JUDY YARWOOD donned a starched nursing cap for the first time. She reflects back on those five decades plus on caring and care ‘rationing’ for today’s nurse.

  • Jo-Ann-Walton.jpg

    A letter from London: who are health services serving?

    JO ANN WALTON writes from London about lessons to be learned from yet another NHS bad news story – this time one where ‘bullied’ health staff falsified cancer patient waiting lists to keep funding flowing.

  • Breaking-news.jpg

    News Briefs


November 2013 Vol 13 (7)


  • Andy-McLachlan-200px.jpg

    OPINION: male nurses - as Tom Jones said..."it's not unusual"

    The army, the dole or nursing? NP Andy McLachlan reflects on falling into the career that turned him from a boy into a man. And the need to attract more men and more Māori and Pacific into nursing.

  • Michael-Geraghty.jpg

    OPINION: Violence and the healthcare setting

    Michael Geraghty, Nurse Practitioner in the Adult Emergency Department at Auckland City Hospital, calls for a zero tolerance policy against violence and verbal threats in our hospitals.

  • Jo-Ann-Walton.jpg

    OPINION: In praise of New Zealand nursing

    JO ANN WALTON defends New Zealand nursing after being alarmed by a visitor’s comments. The Victoria University nursing professor and Nursing Council member gives her own appraisal of kiwi nursing.

September 2013 Vol 13 (6)

July 2013 Vol 13 (5)

  • 148955537.jpg

    New blood for aged care

    Aged care has one of the fastest ageing workforces. Getting new blood into the workforce is an obvious need and a pilot underway of providing extra support for new graduates entering residential aged care is one step being taken. FIONA CASSIE finds out more.

  • GAPnurses.jpg

    ‘Job swap’ to fast track aged care nursing career

    With a workforce crisis looming in aged care nursing, Christchurch is headhunting and helping the new generation of aged care nurses to fast track their careers. Fiona Cassie finds out more about the Gerontology Acceleration Programme (GAP).

  • pacificNurseforumpic-1.jpg

    Engagement and success for Pasifika nursing students

    NGAIRA NGAIRA HARKER reflects on the importance of supporting Pasifika nursing students.

  • Jo-Ann-Walton.jpg

    Nurses perceived not to care?

    JO ANN WALTON reflects on the state of nursing in the wake of the United Kingdom’s damning Francis Inquiry and the need to reiterate respect, kindness, and dignity as nursing core values.

  • Confident-nurse.jpg

    New PHO agreement seen as lost opportunity

    The lack of nurses around the table in negotiating the new PHO agreement – coming into force July 1 – doesn’t make sense, said Cathy O’Malley, the deputy director-general of health leading the negotiations.

  • test-paper.jpg

    Nursing feedback sought early July on controversial merger proposal

    The Nursing Council has “reservations” about a proposed merger proposal and is releasing a consultation document in early July seeking nursing and other stakeholder feedback. By FIONA CASSIE

April 2013 Vol 13 (4)

  • IV nurse

    International Nurses Day Heroes

    To celebrate International Nurses Day this year Nursing Review invited district health boards across the country to contribute stories on nursing ‘heroes’ in their region. We got stories back on just some of the unsung, innovative, compassionate, high achievers and dedicated nurses that make up the New Zealand nursing workforce.

  • nursing-jobs.jpg

    At least 15% of graduates still job hunting

    About 75 per cent of new graduates had nursing jobs by March down on last year’s 85 per cent employment rate, according to the latest graduate survey.

  • HCAs.jpg

    Mixed response to UK call for student nurses to first work as HCAS

    A pilot of student nurses working first as health care assistants could be underway in the United Kingdom before the end of year despite major reservations from nursing leaders.

  • gurney nurse

    New leadership structure criticised and defended by FIONA CASSIE

    The country’s once Magnet health service – Hutt Valley District Health Board – is being criticised for ‘eroding’ nursing power under its new merged leadership structure with neighbouring Wairarapa DHB.

  • Newspapers.jpg


    NEWS briefs including: *New nurse leaders appointed/ *About 200 nurses affected by migration changes/ *New STI resource for health professionals***

February 2013

  • NZ flag

    Study tracks retention loss

    Just over half of overseas-trained nurses are still nursing in New Zealand six years after registering here, a longitudinal cohort study has found.

  • Des Gorman

    Counting nurses in his sleep

    Des Gorman, chair of Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ), says that he’s losing sleep worrying about the looming nursing shortfall. FIONA CASSIE talks to him about his disappointment at last year’s nursing criticism of HWNZ’s performance and why nursing will be a top priority in 2013.

  • Des Gorman

    More from Des Gorman: chauvinism, prescribing, nurse practitioners and physician assistants

    Des Gorman rejects nursing criticism that HWNZ’s innovations have been poorly planned and taken a fragmented approach.

  • Jenny Carryer2012

    What next for nursing & HWNZ?

    Nursing and Health Workforce New Zealand agree on the urgency of nursing issues and are gingerly moving forward after meeting in the wake of nursing’s severe criticism of HWNZ’s performance to date.

  • Stethoscope.jpg

    A nurse's dozen

    When Geoff Annals stepped into the NZNO chief executive’s job in 2001 – a year of strikes and strife – it was a fill-in post for three months. Leaving nearly 12 years later he talks to FIONA CASSIE about some of the good, the bad, and the cyclical in nursing in that time.

  • cover-feb-2013.jpg

    Is 60 the new 50? The ageing nurse workforce

    You’re as old as you feel. Whether nurses feel wiser or worn -  more and more are nursing into their 60s and beyond. Persuading even more baby boomers to delay retirement is increasingly high on the agenda as we face the double whammy of an ageing population – more nurses due to retire at the same time as more demand for health services. Nursing Review looks at what nursing can do to better support older nurses to keep nursing.

  • Carolyn Sengelow

    Taking each year as it comes

    Reluctant to miss out on her OE, Carolyn Sengelow headed off to London to nurse nearly 40 years after starting her nursing training.

  • cover-feb-2013.jpg

    Not working ‘might be fun’

    The alarm goes off at 5am, and not long after, Margaret Woodcock is taking the brisk 20-minute walk to the train station to catch the 6am train to work.

  • Anna Clarkson

    INSOMNIA: is it worth losing sleep over?

    Had a good night’s sleep recently? No? You are not alone – about one in four Kiwis have chronic insomnia at some point in their lives.

December 2012

  • cover-dec-2012.jpg

    Gen Y nurses: happy to be nurses … but for how long?

    Most young nurses are passionate about their career choice ­ for now, at least. As many feel little long-term loyalty to a profession that leaves them feeling tired, stressed, and underappreciated, FIONA CASSIE talks to researcher Dr Isabel Jamieson about the workforce implications of her survey of more than 350 Generation Y nurses.

  • Red Cross

    Lessons from the disaster zone – twice over

    Dr Frances Hughes doesn’t court disasters but they have a habit of finding her. The former chief nurse was in New Jersey on a Fulbright scholarship studying post-disaster lessons when Hurricane Sandy hit. FIONA CASSIE reports on her latest literal lesson.

  • News.jpg

    News Briefs

    *HWNZ ‘trivialising’ nursing concerns /*Poaching’ of ENs to Oz could grow /*Nursing Council ‘effective’ but needs greater transparency /*Three-way contest now for NZNO presidency / Appointments****

  • medical-gloves.jpg

    Nursing Council merger push still divides

    The push to merge the Nursing Council’s regulatory and support services with the 15 other regulatory authorities continues with a detailed business case being developed.

November 2012

September 2012

July 2012

  • Medication.jpg

    New addiction NP craves job

    The country has its first nurse practitioner in addiction, Louise Leonard. All she needs now is an NP job. FIONA CASSIE reports.

  • Geoff Annals2010

    Q&A with Geoff Annals

    NZNO chief executive Geoff Annals first career choice was farming. Find out how he got from a high country farm to the head of the country's largest nursing organisation and union.

  • brain cogs thinking

    SHARED DECISION-MAKING: Where self-management and nursing clinical expertise meet?

    RRR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ARTICLE: The rhetoric around self-management for people with long-term conditions recognises that they themselves are the most concerned and constant contributor to their own care and that what they know is an untapped resource. At the same time, professionals are being advised to share decision-making, but does this go far enough? For the person living with a long-term condition, part of their work is to manage relationships and interactions with an array of health professionals and other helpers – amongst them, nurses. Just as professionals look for interest and engagement from those they care for – whether identified as patients, clients, consumers, or service-users – that expectation is mutual. In this learning activity, we’ll look at what shared decision-making means, especially for people with long-term conditions*.*

  • lecture theatre women

    New Māori scorecard for nursing schools

    The first “league table” ranking nursing schools’ performance in supporting Māori nursing students shows wide disparity in student success rates.

  • laptop

    New nurses' guide to not losing face through Facebook

    The first social media guide to help Kiwi nurses avoid stepping over the professional line in their online life has been released.

  • NZmoney.jpg

    Payouts to bonding scheme off to slow start

    To date, only 31 per cent of nurses and 22 per cent of doctors signed up three years ago to the "popular" voluntary bonding scheme have stepped forward to claim payouts.

May 2012

March 2012

December 2011

November 2010 Vol 11 Issue 7

July 2010

  • Tight job market forces graduate flexibility

    For the first time Auckland nursing schools are reporting that mid-year students are struggling to get new graduate positions as the job market tightens.

  • HWNZ focus turns to nursing

    Nursing workforce issues will be “front and centre” after an early medical workforce focus, says Health Workforce New Zealand director Brenda Wraight.

  • Artificial bubble will burst, says US nursing leader

    The current ‘lull’ in the nursing shortage is international but short-term and the shortage will return worse than ever, says the American past president of the international Honour Society of Nursing.

June 2010

May 2010

  • “Tracking” bonded nurses

    Setting up a system to “track” bonded nurses and doctors is part of the inaugural annual plan of Health Workforce New Zealand.

March 2010

  • Briefs

    Standing orders consultation

  • Nursing remains popular option

    Increased interest in nursing appears to have continued this year with nursing schools reporting bulging programmes and waiting lists.

January 2010