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October 2016 Vol. 16 (5)

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June 2016 Vol. 16 (3)

  • Fiona Cassie

    Ed's Letter: Fattism: walking in another’s shoes

    Interviewing Caz Hales (the bariatrics nurse researcher on p. 8) has got me thinking about fattism. She has been asking health professionals to don a ‘fat’ simulation suit and head out to a café and experience what it is like being very fat in a society that tends to celebrate the thin and judge the fat.

April 2016 Vol 16 (2)

February 2016 Vol 16 (1)

December 2015 Vol 15 (6)

  • COVER 02

    ED's Letter: Roll on summer

    Welcome to the digital summer edition of Nursing Review. We are ending the year with this special edition offering a smorgasbord of summer reading – a well-balanced ‘diet’ of articles new and old that run the gamut from informative to thought-provoking and useful to entertaining. 

October 2015 Vol 15 (5)

  • Pen-and-paper.jpg

    ED's Letter: Warm and well

    It was winter 2009. My husband and son set off to work and school in fine fettle and returned with identical hacking coughs and raging temperatures. Working from home often has its advantages but it was a mixed blessing finding myself juggling a deadline and caring for two likely swine flu cases.

August 2015 Vol 15 (4)

  • Pen-and-paper.jpg

    ED's Letter: CNS numbers surge, NP growth slower

    If I’ve learned anything from reporting on nursing over the years, it’s that many nurses are multitaskers extraordinaire. They juggle demanding workloads: raising kids and completing postgraduate study; and emerge with new skills to enhance their nursing practice and the letters PGDip, MN or even PhD after their names.

June 2015 Vol 15 (3)

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    ED's Letter

    In this issue, my decision to write about electronic cigarettes came from the most personal of motives: someone I care for very much is a smoker. It’s likely that every non-smoker has one, two, or half-a-dozen or so smokers they care about as the last census showed that there are 463,000 adult smokers in New Zealand.

February 2015 Vol 15 (1)

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    ED's Letter

    One small silver lining… Had a good boogie lately? When did you last get caught up in the moment? Tried something a little different lately? When did you last really catch up?

August 2014 Vol 14 (4)

June 2014 Vol 14 (3)

May 2014 Vol 14 (2)

  • Pen-and-paper.jpg

    Ed's Letter: Are nurses ready to farewell basic care tasks?

    It is essential that nurses and world leaders focus on the global nursing workforce as a key priority for achieving better health for all. So states the International Council of Nurses (ICN) in its latest manifesto for International Nurses Day.

March 2014 Vol 14 (1)

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    Ed's Letter

    You can’t tell at a glance whether somebody walks to work every day, swims three times a week, or is a keen tramper – nor whether they live on coffee and adrenalin or three healthy balanced meals a day. But at first glance we’ll, often subconsciously, make a judgment on whether somebody is ‘skinny’, ‘fat’, or some nebulous ‘in-between’ using our own scale of whether someone has an ‘unhealthy’ (or unfashionable) physique.

January 2014 Vol 13 (8)

  • ICU equipment

    Ed's Letter

    The end of the year has swung around very fast.

November 2013 Vol 13 (7)

  • sore-throat-child.jpg

    Letter from the Editor

    Vulnerability is a common thread through many articles in Nursing Review this edition.

September 2013 Vol 13 (6)

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    ED's Letter

    Nurses and journalists – chalk and cheese?

July 2013 Vol 13 (5)

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    Letter from editor: Crashing Wave

    Respect, trust, partnership and integrity: these four values underpin nursing’s new Code of Conduct, which we profile in our Learning & Leading edition.

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    Letter from the editor: New look Nursing Review

    Nursing Review begins 2012 with a new look print edition with a focus on kick- starting a healthy year. Our focus section includes research, comment and advice on helping nurses take care of their own health and not just others.