A Day In The Life


February 2017 Vol. 15 (1)

  • steve howie

    A day in the life of... a police watch-house nurse

    Spend a busy day with mental health nurse Steve Howie assessing the steady stream of people who pass through the holding cells of Christchurch Police Station to see whether they have mental health and addiction issues.

October 2016 Vol. 16 (5)

  • Rachael Maunsell

    A day in the life of a Kiwi nurse in Belgium

    Kiwi nurse Rachel Maunsell was terrified to answer a call bell when she first started nursing in a Belgian VIP ward because of her basic French. Find out more about nursing in a ward with silk cotton sheets and Bvlgari products.

August 2016 Vol. 16 (4)

  • QA

    A day in the life of a third-year student nurse

    Share a day in the life of a nursing student Yosh (Yosua) Hadipurnomo on clinical placement on the West Coast learning about resuscitation to immunisation and Pink Floyd to the perils of catering for one. “Two-minute noodles again, Yosh?”

June 2016 Vol. 16 (3)

February 2016 Vol 16 (1)

  • Erin Dooley icon

    A day in the life of an ED nurse

    Finding a bed pronto for the guy clutching his chest while another patient's screams fill the waiting room is just part of the working day for Christchurch ED nurse Erin Dooley. Follow a day in her life as she switches from a FAST (focused assessment and supportive treatment) role to facing what seems a never-ending queue as triage nurse in one of Australasia's busiest emergency departments.

October 2015 Vol 15 (5)

August 2015 Vol 15 (4)

  • Sue Clynes 02

    A day in the life of a Mercy Ship nurse

    Sue Clynes' clientele is the poorest of the poor living with heartbreaking conditions of the face and jaw. Find out more about her life living and working on board the Africa Mercy hospital ship as the volunteer nurse leader of the maxillofacial team.

June 2015 Vol 15 (3)

April 2015 Vol 15 (2)

  • CarynBraunAntarctica ICON

    A day in the life of a nurse in Antarctica

    Penguin & whale spotting at lunchtime...Caryn Braun spent the Antarctic summer as a flight nurse at McMurdo Station for the United States Antarctic Programme. Find out about the day in the life of a nurse in Antarctica.

February 2015 Vol 15 (1)

  • Clown doctor

    Day in the life of a ... clown doctor

    Zack McCracken was a nurse for 15 years before she left to pursue her love of acting. Now she combines her passion for theatre and healthcare by working as a clown doctor.

December 2014 Vol 14 (6)

  • Thelma Glasgow

    Day in the life of a … nursing veteran

    Thelma Glasgow started training at Rotorua Hospital with her twin sister back in 1964 and 50 years later the theatre clinical nurse educator is still nursing fulltime. Find out about her nursing day now and nursing days in decades past.

October 2014 Vol 14 (5)

  • Heather Laxon

    A day in the life of a ... school nurse

    Heather Laxon's job as a school nurse at Mangere College is a lot more complicated than the stereotype of patching scraped knees. Read on to discover the complexities the modern school nurses faces.

August 2014 Vol 14 (4)

  • ADayAngelaFrazer.jpg

    A day in the life of a ... cosmetic nurse

    Plastic Surgical Nurse Consultant ANGELA FRAZER trained at Middlemore Hospital before becoming one of the country’s most experienced cosmetic skin care specialist nurses and first botox practitioners. Follow her day of botox, skin consultations, tears, smiles, crow's feet and unfurrowed brows.

June 2014 Vol 14 (3)

May 2014 Vol 14 (2)

March 2014 Vol 14 (1)

  • DenisAllen.jpg

    A day in the life of a ... prison nurse

    Denis Allen starts his working day by heading through a metal detector scanner, picking up a kilo of keys and radio before passing through eight remote controlled doors to arrive finally at the prison health clinic. Find out more about his day

January 2014 Vol 13 (8)

  • NR+Summerset+falls-5-2901406541-O.jpg

    A day in the life of a ... residential aged care nurse

    Jesse Lee Gamutan's working day begins with a frail patient falling and a crying caregiver.  Find out how the day progresses and about her nursing career path from the Philippines' Professional Regulations Commission to a Warkworth residential aged care facility.

November 2013 Vol 13 (7)

  • JanineSpence2.jpg

    A day in the life of a B4 School Check Coordinator

    Janine Spence's day begins early, very early, huddled in a blanket studying for her Masters degree before her children wake. Her working day is filled with children and families as co-ordinator of B4 School Checks and outreach immunisation for mostly vulnerable families without their own GP.

July 2013 Vol 13 (5)

  • KerryKennedy.jpg

    A day in the life... of a Community Hepatitis Nurse

    Kerry Kennedy's day starts with her dog demanding a walk. Her working day starts at her home desk inputting yesterday's notes before hitting the road to visiting hepatitis patients needing regular blood tests because of the risk of liver disease.

April 2013 Vol 13 (4)

February 2013

  • Janet BarkerHelicptr

    A day in the life...of a FLIGHT NURSE

    We look at a day up in the air and down on the ground for Whangarei Flight Nurse JANET BARKER that starts with a 5.30am phonecall about a 200 kg patient in need...

December 2012

  • heart.jpg

    A day in the life... of a PLUNKET NURSE

    Plunket Nurse Maria Browne's day starts with waking three teenagers before heading off on the bumpy roads of post-quake Christchurch. Read on to find out more...

November 2012

September 2012

July 2012

  • RN medal

    A day in the life... OF A FAMILY PLANNING NURSE

    Sue Schroder walks to work knowing her twin pre-schoolers are in her husband's good hands.  She then sets to work with the mostly young women clientele providing information and support on contraception to STIs...

May 2012

  • ICU nurse

    A (night) in the life... of a Patient At Risk (PAR) nurse

    Night duty on the PAR team sees Sarah Imray wake to the sound of her children back from school and return home to wave them off to school.  In between she is called out across Wellington Hospital to patients recently discharged from ICU to patients with alarmingly high EWS (early warning scores).

March 2012

May 2010

  • The inventive mother of all nurses

    2010 marks the 100th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s death and the 150th anniversary of the publishing of her Notes on Nursing. Nursing Review pays tribute to the mother of modern nursing, to mark the International Year of the Nurse and International Nurses’ Day – Florence’s birthday. FIONA CASSIE looks at the life, works and words of the world’s most famous nurse