Long-term Conditions/Diabetes


  • E Cigarettes ICON

    Smokefree Nurses back e-cigarettes

    16 August 2016

    E-cigarettes containing nicotine should be freely for sale and organisations allowed to decide where people can 'vape' to help people quit tobacco, says Smokefree Nurses Aotearoa.

  • Rosemary-Minto.jpg

    Uncovering the 'hidden heart' of your patient

    22 January 2016

    ROSEMARY MINTO believes the key to making a difference to patients is finding the self-belief system driving their health behaviours. Read on to find out how out the primary health care nurse practitioner has chosen New Year's resolutions to help her to do just that.

  • anti smoking

    Smokers speak up in new website for nurses

    24 October 2014

    *Nurses are asked to be "kind and non-judgemental" in series of videos released on a new website aiming to help nurses better understand and help smokers stop.*

  • Andy-McLachlan-200px.jpg

    Lifestyle advice: Would you follow advice from...you?

    25 September 2014

    ANDY McLACHLAN – Scotsman, cardiology NP and past-consumer of deep-fried pizza and hamburgers the size of your head – recently got lectured by an after-hours pharmacist while picking up his type 2 diabetes medication.

October 2016 Vol. 16 (5)

  • Kids growing out

    Kiwi kids: growing up or growing out?

    A new national health target is underway on screening and referring obese four-year-olds. FIONA CASSIE finds out more and whether this is enough to help curtail the 10 per cent of Kiwi kids who are now clinically obese – fat to the point that their health is likely to be at risk.

  • Diabetes before

    Diabetic foot ulcers: the importance of early detection

    Checking the feet of diabetes patients may be some of the most effective wound care a nurse can provide. FIONA CASSIE finds out more about how to prevent and detect the early signs of foot ulcers that can see people losing toes, feet and even legs.

  • Diabetes gumboot

    Diabetic foot case studies

    From whitebaiters in gumboots to a women wearing their favourite boots: nurse REBECCA ABURN shares some case studies from the frontline of diabetes foot care.

August 2016 Vol. 16 (4)

June 2016 Vol. 16 (3)

  • LTC graphic

    Long-term conditions: helping patients use apps and eHealth for self-management

    A dizzying amount of digital help is now potentially available for nurses to help patients self-manage their long-term conditions.  FIONA CASSIE seeks some advice from the experts on what technology nurses can add to their toolkits.

  • Bariatric

    The big and small of caring for the very large

    Chubby, obese, fat, bariatric, heavy. Finding the right words is just one of nurse researcher Caz Hales’ projects for improving the care of very large patients. FIONA CASSIE finds out more.

  • McClunie Trust

    Caring for family with an LTC: when the personal and professional intersect

    A nurse is naturally often the ‘go to’ person when someone in the family or whānau is diagnosed with a long-term or chronic condition. PATRICIA McCLUNIE-TRUST explores the issues involved. 

  • Pam Doole

    RN Prescribing just months away

    The nursing sector has its collective fingers crossed that it is only months away from nurse prescribing being opened up to more than just nurse practitioners and diabetes nurse specialists, including nurses working in other long-term conditions. Nursing Review reports.

  • Westbrooke

    LTC Case study: teleDOTS

    Mobile video apps for face-to-face connection: Reducing the time public health nurses spend stuck in Auckland’s traffic can only be a good thing.

  • Robyn Whittaker

    LTC Case Study: Diabetes text alerts

    Crossing the digital divide with diabetes text messages: 'Old school’ text messaging is at the heart of an mHealth project to help motivate and support people with poorly controlled diabetes.

April 2016 Vol 16 (2)

  • Beverley Burrell 2 CMYK

    Mindful management trial for older people with LTCs

    As our population ages, more and more people are living into old age with multiple long-term conditions. A University of Otago nurse-led randomised controlled trial is looking at whether training in both healthy living and mindfulness can make a difference to these people’s lives.

  • heart

    Does stepping-up exercise step down risk for heart patients?

    This Critically Appraised Topic (CAT) looks at whether getting on a bike or lacing up walking shoes improves the life, and life span, of people with coronary heart disease.

February 2016 Vol 16 (1)

  • Maori Loma

    Pacific nursing students: walking the talk

    Loma-Linda Tasi got tired of teaching nursing students about Pacific people’s negative health statistics. The nursing lecturer, co-ordinator for year two of Whitireia Community Polytechnic’s Bachelor of Nursing (Pacific), decided she had to start somewhere to make a difference and a good place to begin was with herself and her students.

October 2015 Vol 15 (5)

August 2015 Vol 15 (4)

  • fad diet

    Fad diets article feedback

    The last edition of Nursing Review contained an article called ‘Fad diets: what do dietitians say about the latest crop?’ that looked at some of the latest dietary trends; in particular, the Paleo diet, the 5:2 intermittent fasting diet, the no-sugar approach and the low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) approach.

June 2015 Vol 15 (3)

  • E Cigarettes ICON

    E-cigarettes: lifesavers or smokescreen?

    When it comes to smoking cessation tools, it seems there are mixed signals around e-cigarettes. Some argue they could be lifesavers for tobacco smokers struggling to quit; others argue they are a smokescreen for a new generation of problems. *So what knowledge should nurses have on the subject? Nursing Review attempts to clear the air.* 

  • Healthier eating ICON

    Fad diets: what do dietitians say about the latest crop?

    Any diet that bans fruit has to raise eyebrows. The same goes for a diet that advocates lashings of cream and butter with every meal. The demonising of one food group as the source of all dietary evil, or the fixation on another as a saviour, is often the key selling point for the latest fashionable weight loss diet.

  • Definitions ICON

    Asthma or COPD stop and rethink?

    That patient with the persistent cough or wheeze may be mislabelled asthmatic. And that COPD patient prescribed a steroid inhaler may only be increasing their risk of pneumonia. Nursing Review talks to respiratory physician associate professor Jeff Garrett about misdiagnoses and misclassifications that can result in misprescribing for some airway disorders.

  • Chronic Pain ICON

    Chronic pain - the other long-term condition

    Nursing Review talks to pain management NP Sue King about not only the pain associated with the more common long-term conditions but also about chronic pain as a long-term condition in its own right – and how nurses can best help their patients manage it.

  • lightbulb

    Better LTC self-management - starting small and thinking big

    Counties Manukau District Health Board is entering its fifth year of successive campaigns to foster community answers to better self-management of long-term conditions (LTC) and fewer hospital admissions. FIONA CASSIE finds out more about the latest campaign, Manaaki Hauora, and about 'Huff and Puff'; just one of the 20 plus projects now underway.

April 2015 Vol 15 (2)

  • Jane Dutton ICON

    Nurses Day 'hero': Gentle NP helps clients facing tough life

    ’Tough customers’ are now turning up for appointments more and more often since primary health care NP Jane Dutton joined Whanganui’s Castlecliff Health nearly six months ago.

  • Tracey McNeur

    Nurses Day 'hero': Stopping diabetes in its tracks

    A pre-diabetes education programme successfully preventing diabetes in the community is one initiative that helped lead to Palmerston North clinical nurse specialist and diabetes prescriber Tracey McNeur being nominated as a nursing hero.

  • Sue Patience

    Nurses Day 'hero': Dialysis nurse steps up in blackout

    The hero nomination of home dialysis nurse Sue Patience is the result of her dedicated support of patients caught by last year’s Auckland power outage and her earlier work for evacuated Christchurch earthquake dialysis patients.

June 2014 Vol 14 (3)

  • Long-term-AliciaSuttonlTessaGrantr.gif

    Dying unequally: striving for mental health patients to be equally well

    Long-term mental health clients die prematurely at up to three times the rate of the rest of the New Zealand population. FIONA CASSIE finds out how nurses have been responding to long-standing calls to improve the physical health of people with long-term mental illness.

  • heatherandjacqui5.gif

    Close to home: better nurse-led diabetes care on your back doorstep

    A few years ago, starting insulin treatment was intimidatingly new, not only for patients but also many of their nurses and GPs. FIONA CASSIE looks at the Nursing Practice Partnership – a Diabetes Care Improvement Package underway in Wellington for nurses to share their diabetes expertise with practice nurses across the region.

  • X-Ray.gif

    Not just a smoker’s cough

    Not ignoring “just a smoker’s cough” and other symptoms could see more of the 2000 Kiwis diagnosed with lung cancer each year living longer and better quality lives. FIONA CASSIE talks to lung cancer and respiratory nurse specialists about how nurses can play a part.

  • evidence-based-smoking.gif

    Cut it out sooner than later

    Heading into surgery, does it make much difference if you delay quitting smoking just another week…

March 2014 Vol 14 (1)

  • SpecialOlympicsEars.jpg

    NZ’s special athletes getting ‘unspecial’ health care

    Screening of the country’s Special Olympics athletes shows high levels of undiagnosed health issues. Special Olympics CEO KATHY GIBSON challenges the policy makers and the health sector to provide free health screening for people with intellectual disabilities.

November 2013 Vol 13 (7)

  • 136196073.jpg

    On-campus support for type 1 diabetes

    Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a child or teenager means living with an ‘in your face’, chronic condition for the rest of your life. FIONA CASSIE talks to adolescent diabetes nurse specialist Kirsty Newton and primary health nurse Catherine Nelson about creating an on-campus, specialist support service for young people with diabetes at Victoria University of Wellington.

  • 1010842971.jpg

    Healing ambitions

    Helping prevent and heal faster debilitating and costly leg ulcers is the aim of the first trans-Tasman clinical guidelines for venous leg ulcers. Two years on from launching the Australasian guidelines, the push is on to get wider implementation. Some of Australasia’s experts in the field provide an update.


  • Rosemary-Minto.jpg

    OPINION: Charlie’s story – measuring what makes a difference

    Free prescriptions and more time … primary health nurse practitioner ROSEMARY MINTO argues for what could most help patients like Charlie*.

  • Andy-McLachlan-200px.jpg

    Lifestyle advice: Would you follow advice from...you?

    ANDY McLACHLAN – Scotsman, cardiology NP and past-consumer of deep-fried pizza and hamburgers the size of your head – recently got lectured by an after-hours pharmacist while picking up his type 2 diabetes medication. As a reformed character with great blood sugar, cholesterol, a BMI of 24 (and only succumbing to the occasional pink iced bun) McLachlan suggests sensitivity is needed for when and how health professionals’ offer lifestyle advice to patients.

July 2013 Vol 13 (5)

  • KerryKennedy.jpg

    A day in the life... of a Community Hepatitis Nurse

    Kerry Kennedy's day starts with her dog demanding a walk. Her working day starts at her home desk inputting yesterday's notes before hitting the road to visiting hepatitis patients needing regular blood tests because of the risk of liver disease.

  • EileenMcKinlay.jpg

    The Care Plus equation: does it add up to much?

    Care Plus entered nursing’s vocabulary a decade ago. Has it helped nursing tackle the burden of chronic conditions and better support for people to manage their health? Or has it added up to not much? FIONA CASSIE does the sums…

  • HelenKAnnaRstndg.jpg

    Care Plus done, dusted and ‘replaced’ in Masterton

    Too narrow and too prescriptive is Helen Kjestrup’s verdict on Care Plus. So the clinical services manager for Masterton Medical Centre grabbed the chance offered by bulk-funding to say goodbye to the more onerous restrictions of Care Plus.

  • Pioneering MidCentral makes “u-turn” and launches EnhancedCare+

    One of the country’s long-term conditions care pioneers has been bubbling with innovation but lagging behind in patients signed up to its basic care package.

  • Heart.jpg

    Getting the heart tick

    After lagging at the bottom, Western Bay of Plenty PHO is now perched at the top of the ‘more heart checks’ performance table. FIONA CASSIE talks to RN and general practice coordinator Donna McArley on getting the heart tick and moving on to managing those highlighted as being at risk. She also talks to outreach clinical nurse leader Sue Matthews about doing heart checks at truck stops to freezing works.

  • SueMatthews.JPG

    Health on the hoof: Truckie stops

    Truckies are being waved down and pulled off the road in the Bay of Plenty for the good of their health.

  • 164564331.jpg

    Diabetes: patchy but progressing

    Nursing Review checks out the momentum on the new Diabetes Care Improvement Packages and finds report cards ranging from ‘excellent’ to ‘could do better’.

  • LisaWhitehead.jpg

    Diabetes: Revisiting ‘back-to-basics’ education helps poor self-management

    A Christchurch randomised-control trial found people struggling with managing their diabetes made significant improvements after a one-day education session. FIONA CASSIE talks to Lisa Whitehead about the research team’s findings and their ‘hunch’ that combining cognitive behaviour therapy with education could be even more effective.

  • 152499805.jpg

    Rest home in the home

    Canterbury quakes saw Christchurch lose more than 650 residential care beds. One response was TotalCare – a collaborative approach led by community-based Nurse Maude to offer residential care in the home. Nursing Review reports on Sheree East’s recent presentation on the scheme to the Home Health Association conference.

April 2013 Vol 13 (4)

  • PPPspecialapproach.jpg

    Taking a special approach

    Diabetes nursing managed to ‘jump the gun’ to RN prescribing with a successful demonstration site. Next off the starting blocks is expected to be respiratory nursing. FIONA CASSIE looks at some specialist areas and their likely prescribing ambitions.

December 2012

July 2012

  • Focus-heart.jpg

    Cardiac Nursing: NP making a heartfelt difference

    Anxious patients with chest pain who used to wait up to 100 days for review at Counties Manukau District Health Board are now being seen in less than 20 days.Nearly half of heart attack patients who used to wait up to six months for a cardiologist review are now seeing a nurse practitioner or CNS instead. FIONA CASSIE talks to cardiac nurse practitioner Andy McLachlan about the difference nurse-led clinics are making.

  • heart.jpg

    The whānau ora approach to nursing chronic conditions

    If your car is your home, it’s tough getting diabetes under control. FIONA CASSIE looks at a whānau ora approach to chronic conditions at one of the country’s first whānau ora centres.

  • lightbulb

    The "non--nursing" whānau ora model: Te Puna Hauora

    Lyvia Marsden brings 50 years of nursing to the ‘non-nursing’ whānau ora model she developed for North Shore’s Te Puna Hauora. FIONA CASSIE talks to the president of the National Council of Māori Nurses and other Te Puna nurses about their approach to chronic conditions and whānau ora. And how nurses can't be all things to all people.

  • diabetes

    Diabetes nursing: checked out but not checked off

    From July 1, free Get Checked diabetes annual reviews are no longer. Funding for the maligned scheme gave a kickstart to many nurse-led diabetes clinics in primary care. What happens next?

  • Stethoscope.jpg

    Bi-level ventilation: breathing new life into patients

    Respiratory nurse practitioner Diana Hart helps the morbidly obese breathe easily again at night. FIONA CASSIE learns more about her successful bi-level ventilation clinics.

  • Jo-Ann-Walton.jpg

    How are we today?

    JO ANN WALTON ponders self-management, partnership and how well nurses shape up as partners

  • Focus-heart.jpg

    Atrial fibrillation: nursing’s steadying influence

    CLINICALLY APPRAISED TOPIC (CAT): How does nurse-led care compare with cardiologist care of stable AF patients?

  • brain cogs thinking

    SHARED DECISION-MAKING: Where self-management and nursing clinical expertise meet?

    RRR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ARTICLE: The rhetoric around self-management for people with long-term conditions recognises that they themselves are the most concerned and constant contributor to their own care and that what they know is an untapped resource. At the same time, professionals are being advised to share decision-making, but does this go far enough? For the person living with a long-term condition, part of their work is to manage relationships and interactions with an array of health professionals and other helpers – amongst them, nurses. Just as professionals look for interest and engagement from those they care for – whether identified as patients, clients, consumers, or service-users – that expectation is mutual. In this learning activity, we’ll look at what shared decision-making means, especially for people with long-term conditions*.*

  • diabetes

    Pharmac diabetes products decision soon

    A decision on controversial proposals by Pharmac to move to a single supplier of diabetes testing systems is expected this month.

May 2012

March 2012

June 2010

  • web-inhalercut.jpg

    GASP: a breath of fresh air for asthma nursing?

    Getting asthma under control is the aim of the simple web-based tool GASP, targeted at nurses and GPs. And its success in helping cut hospital admissions and exacerbations has made it an award winner. Fiona Cassie talks to Wendy McNaughton, the respiratory nurse behind GASP

  • From asthma to pneumonia: how good are your respiratory nursing skills?

    Be it asthma or pneumonia, every nurse at some point cares for someone with a respiratory condition. Helping nurses evaluate their respiratory nursing skills or guide their development as a specialist is the aim of a soon-to-be-finalised knowledge and skills framework. Fiona Cassie finds out more.