Nursing study tips: cultural safety articles

10 May 2017

Nursing Review will now regularly share some useful articles from our online archive on topics of interest to student nurses and others. First up, cultural safety (kawa whakaruruhau).

paediatric nurseWhat is cultural safety and why does it matter?

Nursing Review, August 2011

Article by Fran Richardson looking at nurses using cultural safety in everyday practice.

Cultural safety bibliography celebrates ‘coming of age’

Nursing Review, April 2013

Article and link to Nursing Council bibliography tracing cultural safety from its origins in the late 1980s to 2013.

Māori nursing history: Kaunihera celebrates 30th anniversary

Nursing Review, December 2014

A Māori nurse leader looks back to the early 1980s and the cultural groundswell that led to the founding of Te Kaunihera o Ngā Neehi Māori o Aotearoa and the cultural safety movement.

Cultural safety: developing self-awareness through reflective practice

Nursing Review, April 2016

The first of three articles by Katrina Fyers and Sallie Greenwood on aspects of putting cultural safety into practice. The first focuses on using reflective writing to foster self-awareness.

Cultural safety and relational practice: ways of being with ourselves and others

Nursing Review, August 2016

The second Fyers/Greenwood article looks at how self-knowledge enhances relational practice.

Cultural safety: becoming a reflexive practitioner

Nursing Review, October 2016

The third Fyers/Greenwood article focuses on using reflexive thinking to help nurses be more culturally safe practitioners.

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